"..A perfect example of hook laden power pop at it's finest."


'DAWNS ERAS TIDES' was named one of TOM DUNNE'S Albums of the Year, One of Rob O Connor's(BeatFM) Albums of the Year, Ann Marie Walsh of 8Radio's Albums of the Year, One of Joe Walsh's(EKKO PARK,NZ) Albums of the Year 2016!

It was, also in that year, one of DAN HEGERTY's ALBUMs OF THE WEEK,

It was also the FEATURED ALBUM of the week on the legendary RODDIE CLEERE's Irish Music Show and,

Featured Album of the week  on The Departure Lounge, 8Radio.


After a long break from music came Maskedman- 'The Illusion of Grandeur'. Recorded in various rooms in Ireland and finished with Daniel Birkeland in Havnelagret Studios, Bergen. With help from the great HP Gundersen, the legendary (Norwegian King's Medal recipient for Lifetime in Music!) Magne Lunde on drums, and the multi-talented Petter Folkedal.

"The singer and guitarist writes songs with strong heartbeats that flicker and surge in all the right places...Barrett’s tremor of a voice is satisfyingly rich all the way through...there are no illusions of grandeur here – just a solid, honest foundation for whatever comes next." THE IRISH TIMES.

" Indie drive and nerve under fine words...if Coldplay did 'Sellotape the Seams', it would be a full blown world hit.." BERGENAVISEN.


Red Eye Pilot believes in the future. A future  learned from the past. She is a Love of Life. Red Eye Pilot believes in YOU when you do not. She makes music to sing over, to sing along to...over and over...There's more to come...many different voices...maybe one day she might even sing herself...sing her own her own voice.

 We believe that someday an EP will come, hypnotised as ever...we wait..


Dance aficionado turned music meastro because "what I hears in ma head just ain't out there". He plays what he wants to hear when the spirit moves. It's been a long labour of love, but there is a full album coming to fruition soon, he believes...and WE BELIEVE! We are over the moon to be given the rights and the obligation to release it! IT's working title is TOP -"True Dance knows how to Move". WE LOVE THIS DUDE!

Planetary Discs, Bergen, Norway



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